Innovation Reads - Week of October 14, 2019

10+ innovation reads to kick start your week.

  • How To Know If Your Minimum Viable Product is Actually Viable - Getting Past the False Positives - Joe Procopio

  • The Four Types Of People Your Startup Can't Live Without - Forbes

  • Five Strengths of Innovation Leaders - Innovation Management

  • Why Naval Ravikant Thinks Remote Work Is The Future - AngelList

  • The Top 20 Business Transformations of the Last Decade - HBR

  • GV’s Guide to UX Research for Startups - Google Ventures

  • The Critical Role of “The Expert” in Internal Innovation - Future Shapers

  • How Do You Know If Your Great Startup Idea Is A Winner? - The Startup

  • 5 Things Leaders Do That Stifle Innovation - HBR

  • Gen Z Finances - JWT Intelligence

Bonus +1

  • Why Music Has Such Profound Effects on the Brain - PBS

Brian Ardinger