Innovation Reads - Week of October 7, 2019

Enjoy a few of this week’s innovation reads.

  • It’s Time for a C-Level Role Dedicated to Reskilling Workers - HBR

  • 6 Signs Your Corporate Innovation Studio Is Actually A Theatre - Bas Wenneker

  • Amazon Suddenly Became a Massive Threat to Target. Then Target Did Something Brilliant - Inc.

  • How to Double the Odds that Your Change Program Will Succeed - McKinsey

  • Apple Card: What vs How - Jean-Louis Gassée

  • The Coming Hyper-verticalization of Labor Marketplaces - Craft Ventures

  • The Corporate Capital Correlation in 2019 - Selina Troesch

  • Agtech Landscape: Tracking 1,600+ Startups Innovating on the Farm and in the Supply Chain - Forbes

  • Complete Guide to Raising Capital in Emerging Cities - Alex Iskold

  • AI 50: America's most promising artificial intelligence companies - Forbes

Brian Ardinger