Innovation Reads - Week of July 28, 2019

A few articles to kick off the week.

  • AI 101: Understanding Customer Churn Management - Towards Data Science

  • Top AI Trends of 2019 - Artificial Intelligence Network

  • China Internet Report Reveals How Tech Firms Have Gone from Copycats to Trailblazers - SCMP

  • Urban, Innovative, Sustainable - VW Looks at Micromobility - VW

  • The Most Overlooked Skill In Corporate Innovation - Forbes

  • NPS is a Waste of Time. Use These Metrics Instead - Jeff Gothelf

  • Leading Women In STEM Share Five Keys To Unlocking Innovation - Forbes

  • Why Did We Wait So Long for the Bicycle? - The Roots of Progress

  • How the American Work Day Changed in 15 Years - Flowing Data

  • Yes, You Actually Should Be Using Emojis at Work - WSJ

Bonus +1

  • Tribe of Mentors: Most Impactful Purchases of $100 or Less - Tim Ferris

Brian Ardinger